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Dental Patient “I have been a patient of Dr. Bischoff‘s since I was seven years old. He is the only dentist I have ever been to and I can’t imagine going to another.

“I remember, as a child, he stressed the importance of brushing my teeth (even when I didn’t want to!) His lessons have stayed with me all these years.

“My husband now sees Dr. Bischoff and my young son will soon also.”

--Kimberly H.




“I was first introduced to Dr. Bischoff three years ago by my wife. During that first visit he found a cavity.

“Dr. Bischoff filled in the cavity without any pain. Since that day I knew he was the dentist for me. “

--Ryan H.







“Dr. Bischoff has been our dentist for 25 years.

“I was always afraid of the dentist in the past but found Dr. Bschoff to be the one who made me feel comfortable and actually look forward to my visits.

“Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family for all these years. Hope we have many more. “

--Rich. U.






“Since the age of 11, Dr. Bischoff has been my dentist.. He has been the only one I’ve trusted and felt comfortable with. You feel like a family member, not a patient. His staff is very welcoming to you.

“I’m now married with children of my own. My wife had not been a patient of Dr. Bischoff, and after her first visit she walked out with a smile and said, ‘I love this dentist!’

“How many people love their dentist? WE ALL DO!”

--Steve U.





“Dr. Bischoff has been our dentist since 1985. His office staff is great!

“Our children are now married and bringing their spouses to Dr. Bischoff. He has taken care of all our dental needs. We would never go to another dentist for care.”

--Cricket U.




“My wife introduced me to Dr. Bischoff. Dr. Bischoff and his staff are professionals in the way they welcome you and treat you as a patient. Appointments are made for you with follow- ups.”

--Shegun S.








“From my first visit with Dr. Bischoff, I found him to be a great dentist who took the time to explain the complete dental procedure to me (before the procedure) in a way that made sense, without being condescending or demeaning.

“I really like coming here because Dr. Bischoff and his staff offer great dental services and great customer service.”

--Christy S.






I have recommended several people to Dr. Bischoff. He has made me smile again! ”

--Marie L. R.









“My husband and I started coming to Dr. Bischoff because his office was in our neighborhood. That was in 1984!

“We’ve stayed with him all these years for many reasons, in spite of that fact that he’s moved his office and we’ve changed neighborhoods.

“He truly is a gentle, caring dentist. His staff is friendly and professional. I have recommended him to friends through the years, and all of them have been pleased with his services.”

--Arneida M.





“The care I receive from Dr. Bischoff and his staff is second to none. From the reception desk to the chair - everything is first class. I feel really well cared for here.”

--Susan H.

“My procedure was pain free and I continue to be amazed at that.

"I would recommend Dr. Bischoff to any one that needs a dentist.”

--Peter H.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Bischoff’s for two years now and I must say he is an excellent dentist and his staff are so professional. I actually look forward to having my dental work and cleanings done. It is always a pleasant experience.”

--Kathy L.

“I have been coming to Dr. Bischoff for over 10 years. My sister recommended him to me and I have thanked her many times for the referral.

"I always feel so comfortable when walking into his office. His staff is all so friendly and helpful. I love his easy laughter and the way he always take my wishes into consideration.

"He has done much intensive work on my teeth - root canals, caps and fillings, and I have total confidence that his work is the best that I could get anywhere.”

--Ann E. W.

“Dr. Bischoff has been a great dentist. He does great work.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Bischoff’s for 24 years and referred patients to him, who have always been satisfied.

"Dr. Bischoff does the best work and won’t settle for anything else.”

--Wanda T.

“I came to Dr. B with a huge problem. Dr. B took one hour of his time to correct everything that the other dentists told me could never be fixed. I’m out of pain and have my life back.

"The office staff are so well organized that it is hard to believe that every visit was a pleasure. And the biggest thing – no more fear. I used to cry and not sleep the night before a dentist visit. Dr. B is the best.

"I know no one would believe this but it is more relaxing to come here than the grocery store.”

--Vicki T.

“Dr. Bischoff has been my husband’s and my dentist for 23 years. In all those years we have always appreciated his devotion to us and his profession. He has always been committed to having the most up-to-date equipment and techniques to provide us with quality care.

"Going to the dentist can be something most dread, but his personable manner has resulted in a friendship over the years, as we “catch-up” on each other’s lives every six month visits.

"His technicians have always been as gentle as possible creating a climate that is easy to return to!”

--Terry & John S.

“As a family we have been visiting Dr. Bischoff’s office for over 10 years.

“When I first began working for the city of Peoria I asked for a dentist recommendation and I was given Dr. B’s name by several co-workers.

“The staff has been very friendly and courteous. My husband, three daughters and I actually enjoy coming for visits and to get our cleanings done twice a year. The office staff has always given us a heads up on what a procedure will cost.

“Everything is explained, whether it is a filling, crown or root canal. I like that I am shown the x-rays and the exact tooth they will be working on and how to prevent problems in the future.

“I have recommended several co-workers to Dr. B’s office. They have been very satisfied with the care they had received.”

--Lupe P.

“I have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Bischoff as my dentist for almost 20 years. In that time, he and his staff have always taken care of me, genuinely cared about me and accommodated my every need.

“I can now smile knowing that my teeth look great. It’s a great feeling to have people say “what a great smile you have!” Thank you, Dr. Bischoff.”

--Denise. P.

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