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Beautiful, natural smiles in one visit

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Dr. Bischoff creates beautiful veneers in just one visit.

Dr. Darrel Bischoff of Dental Care by Design in Peoria, Arizona, has been practicing dentistry in the Phoenix area for over 30 years. An artist in his spare time, Dr. Bischoff, uses art and aesthetics in everything he does – including helping his patients have beautiful, natural smiles with top-quality porcelain veneers.

Because Dr. Bischoff uses breakthrough CEREC (CERamic Reconstruction) technology, he can give you beautiful, natural looking porcelain veneers in just one visit. You won’t need temporaries or have long waits while an outside laboratory prepares your veneers.

Dr. Bischoff takes pride in offering a dental office where high quality, hi-tech dental care and humanity come together in a comfortable and safe setting.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

One-Visit Veneers with CEREC

Using artistry to customize your veneers

Dental Bonding

What our patients say

Surprise Dentist

Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation

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Dr. Bischoff will answer all your questions about your mouth and teeth.

Dr. Bischoff can help you have the smile you’ve always wanted to have! If you are considering getting veneers, take advantage of this offer.

You will get:

  • A complete oral examination

  • Smile evaluation

  • Dr. Bischoff will listen to your needs

  • Fully explain your options

  • Review possible procedures.

Get your questions answered.

Call us for a complimentary smile consultation and find out how Dr. Bischoff can use veneers to brighten and improve your smile.

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What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain facings. They are used to change the shape, color, size and spacing of your teeth. They have a lifelike appearance with the strength, beauty and durability that only porcelain restorations can offer. In addition, they will not discolor or wear like natural tooth enamel.

We use porcelain veneers made from very high-quality porcelain, that are very natural-looking, durable and custom-designed specifically for you.

What smile problems porcelain veneers can correct
  • Spaces between your teeth

  • Broken or chipped teeth

  • Unsightly, stained or washed-out fillings

  • Permanently stained or discolored teeth

  • Misshapen or crooked teeth

  • Dark, yellow or stained teeth

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Breakthrough CEREC technology means Porcelain Veneers in just one visit

Same Day Smile Makeovers in Phoenix

Dr. Bischoff uses the CEREC computer to digitally configure your veneers.

Getting traditional veneers usually involves several visits and many procedures. The dentist must grind down the teeth to make room for the veneers, molds are taken, and then the dentist fits temporary veneers while the lab makes the permanent ones. The patient must wait until the final veneers are delivered, and then return for a second visit and fitting. If the final veneers from the lab aren’t perfect in shape, color and size, the dentist needs to send them back to the lab, and the wait continues. 

By using our CEREC in-house computer lab, Dr. Bischoff puts an end to all of the unnecessary waiting. He doesn’t have to rely on an outside lab technician, who has never seen you or your mouth, in order to get the right veneers. He can make the final veneers right in our own laboratory, during the same visit as the tooth preparation. You won’t have to wear temporary veneers that will later have to be removed. The final veneers can be manufactured, fit and corrected as necessary, all in a single visit.

Learn more about CEREC technology.

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Using artistry and skill to customize your veneers

Porcelain Veneers Phoenix

Dr. Bischoff will perfect your new veneers right here in our office.

Dr. Bischoff blends his 30 years of dental skill with his artist’s aesthetic eye to create beautiful, natural looking porcelain veneers for you. 

When creating veneers it is important to consider how the tooth will meet the gum line in order to keep those gums and gum line healthy.  Dr. Bischoff uses ultra thin veneers to correct any problems with your teeth without compromising the health of your gums.

Porcelain is very life-like when used correctly. Dr. Bischoff uses the breakthrough CEREC 3D technology (high-quality ceramic restorations) to mill porcelain veneers in his own laboratory. In this way he can choose the color and shape that is right for your smile.

Dr. Bischoff’s mastery of technique and aesthetics is clear in his ability to create beautiful, natural looking veneers for you.



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Call us at 623-842-1200 to schedule your Complimentary Consultation or click here to request a Complimentary Consultation online.

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Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a procedure where a composite (tooth-colored material) is used to cover flaws in your teeth. A thin coating of bonding agent (dental adhesive) is applied on the surface of your teeth. After this, Dr. Bischoff sculpts, colors and shapes it to provide a pleasing result. A high-intensity light hardens the composite and then the surface is finely polished.

For what conditions is dental bonding used?
  • To repair chipped or cracked teeth

  • To improve the appearance of discolored teeth

  • To close spaces between teeth

  • To make teeth look longer

  • To change the shape of teeth

  • Tooth-colored cosmetic alternative to amalgam fillings

  • To protect a portion of the tooth's root that has been exposed when gums recede
Dental Bonding or Veneers?

Dental bonding is usually a less expensive solution but does not resist stains as well as crowns or porcelain veneers and is not as strong. For some situations, veneers and crowns can be better solutions for cosmetic work than dental bonding.  However, with dental bonding there is no need to reduce the tooth structure, which is an advantage in the long term.

Dr. Bischoff is an expert at Dental Bonding, and can use his cosmetic and overall dentistry skills to create the right solution for your particular dental problem.

Call us at 623-842-1200 to make an appointment or request an appointment online.

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What our patients say

“I have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Bischoff as my dentist for almost 20 years. In that time, he and his staff have always taken care of me, genuinely cared about me and accommodated my every need. I can now smile knowing that my teeth look great. It’s a great feeling to have people say “what a great smile you have!” Thank you, Dr. Bischoff.”

-- Denise P.

“He truly is a gentle, caring dentist. His staff is friendly and professional. I have recommended him to friends through the years, and all of them have been pleased with his services.”

-- Arneida M.

“Dr. Bischoff has been a great dentist. He does great work. I have been a patient of Dr. Bischoff for 24 years and referred patients to him, who have always been satisfied.  Dr. Bischoff does the best work and won’t settle for anything else.”

-- Wanda T.

“I have recommended several people to Dr. Bischoff. He has made me smile again! ”

-- Marie L. R.

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Call us at 623-842-1200 to schedule your Complimentary Consultation or click here to request a Complimentary Consultation online.

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